It is well known that Google Play Store is at the center of online Apps and Games. Well, of course there is iTunes Store but the variety does not come close to Google Play Store.

However, in this case, availability is not the issue. Much as Google Play Store is jam-packed with Apps, the best Apps and Games are monetized. Even free Apps have in-App purchases to grant you access to the premium features.

But not everyone wants to spend a fortune, or even a dime on in-game or in-App purchases. For whatever reasons, if you belong to this category, then we have a solution for you.

There are Totally Legit ways you can earn Google Play Codes that you can, in turn use for your Google Play Store purchases.

First things first.

What are Google Play Codes?

You know that item you really want to purchase from Google Play Store?

Well, you need a Google Play Card with a Special Code on it in order to purchase it. A Google Play Card can purchase books, music, movies, in-App goodies, and in-games gab among other things.

Google Play Cards come in various values including $10, $25, $50, and $100 among others. They are available for purchase in various stores.

How to Earn Free Google Play Codes

What if you don’t want or can’t spend money to buy a Google Play Card?

With our amazing hacks, you can earn substantial Google Play Cards to purchase whatever you want from Google Play Store.

Did you know Google Play Cards never expire?

Here is our comprehensive list of the easiest and exciting ways to earn Free Google Play Gift Cards

But before we got into all the ways to slowly trickle Google Play Codes, we have some excellent news for you!

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Other ways to generate Legit Google Play Codes for free.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Credits: youtube

Among many other ways of earning Free Google Play Codes, the best and the most common is by use of the Google Opinion Rewards. Just as this suggests, the free codes are given directly by Google and all you will need to do is fill up a few surveys that will be provided by their survey team.

If you are using Google Play on your Android device or App Store on your iOS devices, all you need is to download the Google Opinion Rewards App and get started.

Every time you complete a survey, you will get Credits in your account. Although not all surveys earn you much but there are some that will give you a $1 or more. The number of survey available varies. You might get one daily for a whole week while at other times you receive only a single one per week.

The surveys are never the same. This is because; Google creates them in partnership with third-party companies. For that reason, the survey presented will totally depend on the expectation of the third-party company.

Use of Swagbucks

Use of Swagbucks

Credits: youtube

Swagbucks are very famous in the internet community. Apart from the Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks is another free and easy way to earn Google Play Codes.

To earn points in Swagbucks, you need to perform a number of tasks such as watching videos, surfing the internet, taking surveys, online shopping, and playing games.

You don’t need to use a Smartphone App to earn the free codes. At the same time, Swagbucks has a variety of tasks to help you accumulate your points. This way, there is no chance of getting bored by doing the same thing over and over.

Afterward redeem your points for Google Play gift card codes. At the moment, 5,000 points convert to $50.

Use of FeaturePoints

Use of FeaturePoints

Credits: boostmybudget

FeaturePoints is all about Apps. Simply download different Apps for free and try them out on your computer or device of your choice for a minute or so. The Apps featured keep changing and the most common ones are books, games or music.

There is another common App that was released recently known as the Messenger App. Apart from downloading the Apps, you can also decide to watch a video or listen so some music to earn more points.

Just as the points earned in Swagbucks, these points can be converted to paid Apps, Google Play credits, or online gift cards.

It is however important to keep in mind that one needs to accumulate points equivalent to $10 or more before trading them for Google Play Gift codes.

To earn these points more easily, you can choose to refer your friends to FeaturePoints. If you are convincing enough and your friends start using the App, you will be awarded 50% of the points your friends earn.

Use of InstaGC

Use of InstaGC

Credits: twitter

InstaGC is a portmanteau for Instant Gift Cards. Although this is not as common as the three discussed above, there is more flexibility and ease in the way InstaGC operates. Just like the rest, you need to earn points by completing daily tasks.

The most common tasks in InstaGC are; completing surveys, surfing the web, shopping from their sponsored partners, or watching videos online.

At the same time, you receive 10 Free Bonus Points for signing-up and an extra 110 Free Bonus Points for referring a friend.

100 points convert to $1. Since the lowest value of Google gift codes available is $10 and $15, one needs to earn 1,000 Points and above to earn a $10 Google Play gift card.

Registering to AppNana

Registering to AppNana


AppNana also fits in the category of useful Apps to earn Google Play codes without paying a single cent.

Nana is the preferred term for the points you earn for each task. Each day you login into your account is a sure way of earning 400 Free Nanas.

Another way of earning Nanas (points) in this App is by playing your favorite games or simply downloading an App like Facebook App. The points earned can then be converted to iTunes gift cards, Amazon and Xbox gift cards as well as Google Play gift cards.

At the same time, these points can be used to buy paid Apps available at the Appnana Store.

Using Tap Cash Rewards

Using Tap Cash Rewards

Credits: techgyd

Tap Cash Rewards is an App-based service. There are very many ways of earning points in this App some of which include: playing games, downloading free Apps and watching videos.

Tap Cash Reward App also awards users with Bonus Credit every time they login to their Apps. To add on this, linking the App with your Facebook account earns you a VIP Status. Referring friends also earns you 100 Bonus Points.

Unfortunately, the user needs to complete very many tasks to earn $10 which is the least one needs to get Google Play gift cards. This is because; you need 1000 points to earn $1.



Credits: techco

To earn points in FreeMyApps is a bit critical as one need to download sponsored games and Apps like any other regular service. However, you can earn points by joining social media contests or referring friends.

This App is unique in its own standard because it offers you reward points for every video you watch on YouTube!

FreeMyApps distributes 27 Million Dollars and above of gift cards to their customers in exchange of in-game currencies and Google Play Codes.

At the same time, with this App, you can donate your points to charity in case you have more than you need.

Opening a JunoWallet (Android App)

Opening a JunoWallet (Android App)

Credits: wordpress

JunoWallet has different features that make it stand out among the rest. One of these features is the fact that it allows you to Earn Mystery Rewards and make more money by Making Calls.

The mystery reward offered however disappears within 10 seconds. Therefore, if you do not claim it on time, you can easily lose it.

Earning normal reward points on this App follows the same procedure just like many other websites. You need to watch videos, downloading featured games and Apps as well as completing surveys.

Referring family and friends is also another unique way of earning points on this site as the more the referrals the more points you receive.

You can convert your points to free Google Play Codes, enter raffles on JunoWallet or trade your points for retail or online gift cards.

Use of Cubic Rewards

Use of Cubic Rewards

Credits: scopekick

Cubic Rewards is now referred to as Cubicer. To earn free gifts on this App, all you need is to download games and Apps and make good use of them.

At the same time, refer family and friends to the App through social media and earn more bonus points.

You can choose to redeem your rewards as Google Play credits or convert them to PayPal balance.

Registering Your Samsung Device

Registering Your Samsung Device

Credits: samsungrewards

Another easy and convenient way of earning Free Google Play Codes is by purchasing Google devices such as Google Home or Pixel.

In the same way, as a way of advertising their products, Samsung offers Google Play gift cards along with their devices at no extra cost.

The value of the gift card you receive depends on the device you purchase. The offer can go as high as receiving a $25 Google Play Codes at no extra cost.

This is an excellent deal as it was unexpected. To check your legibility to the offer, register your device at

Gift Box (Android App)

Gift Box is one of the best and highly ranked Apps for earning Free Google Play Codes.

It has over 69,000 Reviews with almost a 5-star rating. To earn points in this App, all you need to do is play games, download featured Apps, and invite friends and family to register and watching videos.

You can as well be assured of a few points if you log in to the App every day not forgetting completing a few tasks provided on a daily basis.

Gift Box also offers their users significant reward potentially for spinning a wheel.

Buying a Chromecast Device

Buying a Chromecast Device

Credits: chromegeek

Every purchase of a Chromecast device is a sure deal of receiving Free Google Play Gift Cards. To receive the gift, one needs to register the Chromecast device once purchased.

The Google Play reward codes earned vary and they normally range from $5 to $25 in credits.

At the same time, you can earn more credit by registering other people’s devices or receiving other different offers available in the App.

Gaining WHAFF Rewards (Android App)

Gaining WHAFF Rewards (Android App)

Credits: bigolive

WHAFF Rewards offers another easy and unique way of earning Google Play Codes free of charge. To proceed to WHAFF, you need to link WHAFF Rewards to your Facebook Accounts.

After successfully connecting your account, you can start earning points for every featured App or game downloaded.

Extending the time you keep the App on your Smartphone is also another way of earning more points.

Claim the rewarded points as Facebook cash, Google Play credits, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin or convert them to PlayStation codes.

Ways of redeeming Google Play codes

Once you have earned your free points, the procedure that follows is redeeming your Google Play codes balance. For those who are doing this for the first time, it might seem like a big challenge; however, all you need to do is to follow the simple procedure below.

  • Visit and log in existing Google Play account.

  • The second step is searching the premium game or App you want to purchase.

  • This is followed the ‘Buy’ button on the next page then click continue.

  • Once you click continue, you will be directed to the payment method ‘pay’. All you need to do is to select your Google Play gift card balance and proceed to paying the game or App you need.

Note: For more information, you can visit the Google’s Official Guide. This will also help you familiarize with their Terms and Conditions.

A Side Note

There are a thousand sites that claim to offer Google play Gift cards at no cost by simply using code hacks and credit multipliers. The sites offer you detailed and thorough guides on how to earn Free Google Play Codes but they all end up wasting your time and energy.

Do Not Engage in these Generators that offer unlimited Google Play Codes. They are FAKE and may end up stealing or selling your personal information.


Although the above Apps require you to perform a number of tasks to earn points and free Google Play cards, you can be sure of the results. All you need is your PC or a Smartphone, good internet connection, and spare time to have it done.